to Berlin

To end the sequence memorial for the centenary of the First world War, Emmanuel Macron is rendered symbolically in Berlin. The day of the Volkstrauertag, the 18 November, Germany is paying tribute to the victims of the wars. Large black crosses are drawn up in the Bundestag. In this scene, after having laid a wreath at the Neue Wache, the main monument to the dead in the German capital, the head of State urged the franco-German couple has assumed a new responsibility in Europe”.

” We must overcome our taboos and our habits. “

Emmanuel Macron

“We must have the courage to open a new stage”, continued the head of State in a speech finely written, blending the history of both countries and the european horizon. While the continent is shaken by the resurgence of populism, that the franco-German axis just to overcome their differences, and that its two main leaders, Emmanuel Macron, and Angela Merkel, are politically weakened, the president of the Republic, delivered a plea for Europe. “Europe, and within the franco-German couple, is vested with the obligation not to let them drag the world into chaos”, he started by warning against “nationalism without memory” and the “fanaticism without landmarks”.

It has prompted Germany and France to courage. “We must overcome our taboos and our habits,” said Emmanuel Macron making particular reference to German fears on financial transfers in Europe. “Is it better to stay locked up in our immobilismes? Was it easier for those who have gone before us?”, he asked.

For Merkel, a remarkable speech

“This new responsibility franco-German is to give Europe the tools of his sovereignty. This new stage makes us to be afraid, because everyone should share, sharing his decision-making ability, its foreign policy, migration and development, an increasing share of its budget and the same tax resources,” said Emmanuel Macron, who had, after his speech, continuing his travel by an appointment to work at the Chancellery with Angela Merkel.

upon their arrival, it welcomed the speech “remarkable,” the head of State. On the form, Emmanuel Macron has actually been able to find the words. But there are still many details to settle for the franco-German tandem should agree on a common project for Europe are ambitious. Gold there is little time left, since the two countries would finalize their plans for the December european council.

The list of issues open is long. If inroads have been made on the budget of the euro area, the amount remains uncertain. On the proposed european army, the two leaders have not yet explained how to reconcile two strategic cultures different. On taxation of the digital, Germany slows down again. On immigration, Europe is divided. “I expect a lot from our exchanges,” said Emmanuel Macron, before joining the office of the chancellor.