Emmanuel Macron could amend the law of 1905 on the separation of Church and State to accompany the restructuring of the islam of France, on which the head of the State board for a year and a half. This is what says, in his edition of the Monday 5 November, The Opinion, which had obtained the draft. “It is possible that [the 1905 law] be amended again “, commented the minister of justice, Nicole Belloubet, on France Inter, on Monday morning. “The reflection is ongoing and we cannot comment at this stage “, says one at the Elysee.

with the surge of islamic fundamentalism, the government wants to adapt the law of 1905. “The objectives are to empower the managers of the places of worship, to prevent the drift and to reduce the foreign influence,” says a senior advisor to the president at The Opinion. For this, the project intends to create a “quality of worship” of the associations, which would give communities new rights but also new obligations. With the idea that their status may be incentive enough to convince the associations cultuelles to adopt it.

today, there are about 4,000 that are within the statute of the law of 1901, with some features allowing them to be governed by the law of 1905, and thus obtain tax benefits that are linked to it. But, particularly in the muslim religion, some structures prefer to remain under the general regime of 1901, and save, and obligations of transparency with it.

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Diversifying resources

At the heart of the reform desired by the Elysée, the money. The government plans to allow future associations cultuelles “owning and administering” of the buildings for the cult to derive rental income. Own resources that would foster their financial independence. The executive had already attempted to smuggle this measure in an article of the law on the right to the error, but was waived before the reluctance of his parliamentary majority in January. Another breath of fresh air to the associations of worship : they may in the future receive State aid ” for repairs and energy-efficient renovation “, so that they do not have today no access to public subsidy.

By diversifying the resources of these associations, the executive wants to limit foreign influence on the French soil. The text provides to do this that they will be subject to new obligations in terms of financial transparency. It also provides that the directors may oppose any contribution of more than 10 000 euros (to be served), and this ” for the purpose of ensuring the respect of public order and public security “. It is stated in the note, to ” reduce the capacity for influence and domination of foreign actors-state, quasi-governmental and private “.

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The executive is also working on a layout “antipustch” which would give the associations a shield law against the ” interest unfriendly “, according to the draft cited in The Opinion. He also wants to expand the powers of the religious police, by suppressing more strongly the crimes of preachers.

The reform of the 1905 law would be the first step of the reorganization of islam in France, notably with his section on the training of imams, on which leans Emmanuel Macron. The head of the State has a lot of consulting for a year and a half. And it seems that his opinion has been brought to evolve.

” The place of islam, the second religion practised in contemporary France does not call for a revision of the law of 1905, which laid the foundations of secularism à la française “, was it written in the program of the candidate to walk !. On 11 February, in an interview in the Journal du dimanche, the president is not excluded any more. Today, it entered a new phase. It is expected to have its global vision on the subject in January 2019. For a reform in the beginning of the year.