Madonna has been blocked for her revealing posts on the photo and video platform Instagram. This is how the 63-year-old reacted.

Madonna (63) is no longer allowed to go live on Instagram. When trying to interact with her fans through an Instagram Story feature, she received a notification that she violated community guidelines.

Naked pictures as a possible cause

“Not us!!!!! Violation of community guidelines…”, the pop icon writes under a video on her Instagram feed. In it: Madonna’s vain attempt to start a live video. “What’s going on?” she asked when she was notified of the block via a pop-up window on the social media platform.

The singer continues to joke, visibly surprised by the incident: “I’ve never worn so many clothes in my life.” She thus suggests that she may have violated Instagram rules that led to the ban due to her revealing posts in the past. She was “speechless” about it.

Instagram punished Madonna last year

However, that wasn’t Madonna’s first Instagram infraction. The photo and video app previously removed a post by the pop singer in November, in which she posed suggestively on a bed and showed a nipple. Madonna reposted the photo at the time, covering her nipple with a heart emoji. The pop singer defiantly wrote: “I repost photos that Instagram has removed without warning or notification…”

Even photos that show Madonna on the toilet are not special to her selection of photos. So your followers should be far less surprised than you are about the consequences that Instagram has now initiated.

Bizarre campaigns for a good cause

In May, Madonna proved that her penchant for exaggeration and outspokenness can also produce good: She collaborated with NFT artist Beeple to create three digital artworks in the form of videos, the proceeds of which were donated to charities. One of the videos features a digital image of the singer with butterflies flying out of her vagina.