Your plants are losing their leaves again – a surprising drink can help. Read here what you should water your plants with from time to time.

If you still have stale beer from the day before, it is ideal for watering your plants.

Regardless of whether it is a green houseplant or colorful flowers on the balcony or in the garden – due to the fermented hops in the beer, the alcoholic drink is a blessing for any plant when watered with it.

In addition to hops, malt also provides the ideal nutrients for the plants.

Simply mix the leftover beer from the day before with the water in the watering can and use it to water your green favorites.

You should definitely be careful not to overdo it with the beer shower. As with humans, alcohol acts as a cell poison in plants if too much of it is “consumed”.

The result: the plants die if fertilized with beer too often.

Therefore, make sure to only use the natural fertilizer once or twice a month.

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