The nearly two-minute Film shows how the waiters in rubber boots Wade through ankle high water to bring pizzas to the guests at the tables.

To see is also that the visitors of the restaurant are prepared close to the Teatro Goldoni on the adversity and enjoy the atmosphere. Large parts of Italy have been suffering for days under fierce storms.

high water in the Pizzeria: “the Situation stressed is completely normal”

The author of the video, Salvatore Sciascia, the waiter knew from experience how to deal with such weather. “For people who work in Venice, such a Situation is completely normal. However, the water was yesterday, this is exceptional,” said Sciascia, the German press Agency on Tuesday. “The tourists have quickly become accustomed and, at the same time that you are about to experience something unique. Since you have to tell after returning home.”

The Video provided on Facebook the world for their enthusiastic comments. Something like that only existed in Italy, wrote a lot of users. The User Yuri Litvinenko wrote in Russian: “Mamma mia. The floors and furniture are destroyed, but the Italians remain confident. Bravo!”

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