special Envoy to Helsinki

Finland’s Alexander Stubb was not able to thwart the predictions. And it is, without surprise, the German Manfred Weber, on Thursday in Helsinki, has been elected leader of the european right to the european elections in may 2019. On paper, Manfred Weber, is thus the “spitzenkandidat”, the one who could become president of the european Commission the next year and a successor to Jean-Claude Juncker, who is also EPP. The Bavarian conservative, a member of the CSU, has achieved a victory without call of nearly 80 % of the votes, 492 votes in his favor out of a total of 619. In 2014, Jean-Claude Juncker had won on Michel Barnier with 60 % of the vote.

The very liberal Alexander Stubb has wanted to believe until the end that he could create the surprise, not by winning, but by getting a score a bit higher, worn by the secret ballot vote. But the discipline in the member parties of the EPP has been as strong as the importance of supports around …

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