A scribe suffers a serious goring in the perineum

The scene terrified the audience. the Manuel Escribano suffered a creepy fuck in Belmonte (Cuenca). Bleeding profusely, although the smiling sorely, and at the same time smiling bullfighter, called for calm. In the first intervention in the ICU mobile plaza downplayed the injury, but his agent, Raúl Gracia “El Tato”, quickly appreciated the gravity of the mishap and decided to move to the bullfighter to the clinic Santa Cristina de Albacete. He missed The Tato: Clerk suffered a serious goring.

So read the medical part: “Presents wound perianal right sutured, and with a penrose drain that exits through incision. Several wounds in the face sutured. To explore the wound and perianal pressure in the inguinal region, it checks the output of blood by penrose drain, which is why it was decided to a re emergency. With general anesthesia, is applicable to removal of points and drainage. To carry out exploration, is observed artery muscle with active bleeding that league and path of 15 cm with direction to the inguinal region that produces rupture of the muscles adductora, with a serious prognosis”.

A day later, and after being successfully operated by the doctor Masegosa , Manuel Escribano spoke to the companions of the Carousel of Bullfighting, in statements collected by Mundotoro: “I Am here today for The Tato, it is the luck that we have that we are agents for the toreros, who quickly saw the seriousness of the mishap. I felt hurt, something more than the wound”

And he continued: “In the square of Belmonte tried all fatal, dirty and badly made, my agent, it was clear that we had to go, so we went to the clinic of the doctor Masegosa. The key was that there were no more ambulances , if we moved they had to stop the celebration and The Tato said that if he had to stop the run is stopped, but that I was going there. The run was stopped 25 minutes until he got another ambulance and I went to Albacete, where I was attended to perfectly and I went back to open all that had been done in the plaza, I had to sand of the plaza in the wound. I had closed the wound as if it had been a court at home, leaving the door open to infections and severe muscle injuries”.

in Addition, the team of Manuel Escribano has already announced that “we will take letters in the subject line, to David Mora , with the same doctor passed him the same and take measures to ensure that these medical teams don’t come back to be in a bullring”.