There were sparks between Marc Terenzi and Jenny Elvers on the TV show “Club der Gute Mood”, now the two are going their separate ways.

Marc Terenzi (44) and Jenny Elvers (50) left the TV show “Club der Gute Mood” as a couple, now everything is apparently over between the two. The singer and the actress separated “weeks ago”, as Terenzi confirmed to the “Bild” newspaper. He wanted to “support her, so I kept quiet,” said the 44-year-old. The past few weeks have not been “easy”.

“It was the right decision to end that so that everyone can better deal with their personal situation,” he said. “We like each other and talk to each other.” Elvers did not want to comment on the separation according to “Bild”.

Marc Terenzi and Jenny Elvers have known each other for years

At the beginning of May, Terenzi and Elvers talked about their future together in an interview with spot on news. At the time, the actress explained: “We are in the here and now, but we have our plans for the next few weeks.”

The two have known each other since 2016, but it only sparked on the Sat.1 show “Club der Gute Mood” in Thailand. Filming took place last January. Back in Germany, they initially kept their relationship to themselves. “It’s a gift when you first enjoy being together like this for yourself and don’t feel like sharing it with the whole of Germany,” said Elvers.