Readers have bönat for a sequel and now says Atwood via her publisher that she should deliver such a in september 2019.

the Parallels between the novel – where North america’s women live under the oppression of the dictatorship of Gilead, and the present political development has motivated Atwood to printer:

”Dear Reader”, greets Atwood, ”Everything that you ever asked about Gilead and its internal structure has been the inspiration for this book. Yes, almost! The other source of inspiration is the world that we live in now.”

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During the past two years, Atwood sold over three million copies of the book, according to the New York Times. Feminist protesters in the united states borrows often the props out of the novel and the tv series.

Metoo has bestowed upon the novel ”an acute relevance”, said co-star Elisabeth Moss when the DN visited the recording in Toronto earlier in the year.

– Anticipated the I this perfect storm, where the series ‘ costumes would be used during demonstrations, and is referenced in the fight for women’s rights? No. But the series has become a symbol of the reality of political resistance is amazing. It is cooler than anything else, ” said Moss.

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