Maria Zakharova: U.S. should make a statement to themselves

the time has Come to talk to America about itself. Go to the mirror, to remember all the statements that have been made in respect of Hong Kong, Iran, Venezuela and a number of other countries, instead of their names to enter, the United States, and to make a statement of the state Department in relation to ourselves. It’s the moment of truth, said the TV channel “Russia 1” the Director of the Department of information and press of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova.

throughout the week, the whole world is watching events in the States. “We see a kaleidoscope of events. Where is partners of the United States? Why we can’t hear them? Where is their concern about what is happening?”, — said the representative of the foreign Ministry, stressing that I’d like to hear a detailed review from the EU, NATO, “seven” and other organizations, at the slightest provocation, throwing a flurry of accusations and criticism of other States.

Maria Zakharova also commented on the statement by the former adviser of us President Barack Obama Susan rice about the Russian involvement in the current unrest in the United States. “We need to do something, not us, and US, that’s their problem. Every new problem they are trying to how motivated Russia”, — said the diplomat.

In this regard, Maria Zakharova recalled that Susan rice was an adviser to the US President on national security. Rice has shaped American foreign policy for a long time. Also was the US Ambassador in the UN security Council.

“This is the man who was appointed by the President as a person, influencing the international agenda. Now it becomes clear to the wider audience, what people and what methods for a number of years are shaping American policy in the world arena”, — said the representative of the foreign Ministry.

According to her, today, as part of the long-initiated information campaigns rice output in air to begin to build in the medium term a new story on the so-called Russian interference in the internal the case of the United States.

“This is a professional campaign that is now entering the next round. Is part of a larger strategy” — said the diplomat.

In conclusion, she drew attention to the fact that the riots in America are not only exposed all the internal problems of the country, but, most importantly, for the near future was taken away from her the right to judge other.

“the United States lose all right to do to anyone on this planet observations on human rights. At the moment this right they no longer have. I think they accidentally released not long ago from the Council on human rights. Perhaps anticipated,” concluded Maria Zakharova.