Mariah Carey is said to have stolen her Christmas hit All I Want For Christmas Is You.

During the Christmas season, “All I Want For Christmas Is You” blares from millions of loudspeakers around the world. But Mariah Carey’s hit is said to have been stolen. Songwriter Andy Stone alleges that the singer and songwriter Walter Afanasieff have committed copyright infringement, several US media outlets have consistently reported.

According to the industry portal “Deadline”, Stone is demanding 20 million US dollars, the equivalent of a little less than 19 million euros, as compensation in a lawsuit. Carey’s song was released in 1994, but Vince Vance had five years earlier

Bad prospects for the plaintiff?

However, the songwriter will probably have a hard time in court if Pamela Koslyn, a lawyer specializing in such cases, has his way. According to the portal, she explained that song titles do not fall under US copyright law. There are currently around 177 works called “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. However, if the lyrics of the songs were essentially the same, their answer would be different.

Carey was particularly successful last year with her version of “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. The song broke the one billion stream mark on the Spotify streaming service alone.