Take That singer Mark Owen presented a new look on the red carpet in Cannes – with a casual mustache.

At the Cannes Film Festival, there was a meeting from the music business on the red carpet: Take That stars Gary Barlow (51), Howard Donald (54) and Mark Owen (50) posed in casual cream-colored outfits and best boy band manner for the photographers.

The men, whose band serves as the inspiration for the film Greatest Days, cut a fine figure. While Barlow and Donald just looked like older versions of themselves, Owen was barely recognizable. We remember: In the 90s he was best known as the cute heartthrob with the center parting that you can count on.

Long hair, white sunglasses and “porn bars”

Since his days as a teen icon, Owen has played around with his appearance a lot, trying new haircuts and styles. In Cannes he now presented the preliminary highlight of this transformation. He posed for the photographers in white linen trousers, a patterned summer shirt and a gray blazer. The singer not only wore huge white sunglasses on his face, but also a striking mustache, and his long blond hair blew in the wind.

Incidentally, the “porn bar”, as the mustache is also known colloquially, is a result of the Corona period, when Owen tried out the new style for the first time. And obviously liked it.

The fans on Twitter reacted enthusiastically to the “new” Owen: “SORRY MARK OWEN???”, reads a tweet in capital letters and with numerous question marks. Another finds the style “great”, another writes that the beard looks like that of a “70s porn star”. And some even feel reminded of the main protagonist in the Netflix hit “Tiger King”.