21.4 million smartphones are expected to be sold in Germany this year. The prices are rising, but the devices are used longer. What is the most important thing to consider when buying?

Consumers in Germany tend to spend more money on smartphones in order to be able to use the devices for longer. This emerges from a market analysis by the digital association Bitkom, which was published in Berlin. For the current year, the association predicts that sales will fall slightly to 21.4 million devices after 21.6 million units last year.

In terms of sales, however, Bitkom expects a slight increase from 200 million euros to 12 billion euros. This has to do with the fact that the average price will rise to 563 euros this year. In the past, a smartphone cost an average of 549 euros.

With the higher average prices, the proportion of people who only recently bought the smartphone they are currently using is falling. For 55 percent, the device is less than a year old. In 2022 this proportion was 60 percent and in 2021 it was 63 percent. Almost a quarter (23 percent) have already been using their smartphone for two years or more. A significant increase compared to previous years can be observed here. Last year the value was 16 percent, in 2021 it was only eight percent.

“Smartphones can also be used reliably and securely for longer because the manufacturers are now offering updates for longer,” said Markus Haas, head of Telef√≥nica Germany and a member of the Bitkom executive committee. A lower need for repairs and the longest possible service life now play the greatest role when choosing a smartphone, said Haas.