What are the hearings about the storming of the Capitol doing to Donald Trump? His niece Mary believes that they put a heavy psychological strain on the ex-president. If he is charged, he will blame everyone but himself.

Mary Trump is a popular conversation partner in the US media these days. The parliamentary committee of inquiry into the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021 is constantly making new, sometimes serious allegations against her uncle Donald Trump known. An indictment of the ex-president seems to be getting closer. What are the hearings doing with the 76-year-old who is considered self-absorbed?

The psychologist believes that Trump, to whom she attests a narcissistic personality disorder, cannot deal with the constant new allegations. Especially since he could hardly do anything about it, she said in an interview with the portal “The Daily Beast”. Donald is probably obsessed with the January 6 hearings. “He’s addicted to being the center of attention. I’m sure he’s as intrigued by these hearings as we are, but in a completely different way.” There is no way Trump could deal with the constant criticism, and that probably made it unbearable for the people around him. However, she is far from feeling sorry for the people in Trump’s immediate vicinity, after all they put themselves in this situation voluntarily.

Donald Trump will blame others

The loss of power her uncle suffered only makes it worse, Mary Trump estimates, because he is unable to deal with the situation. Instead, he will suppress it and only make his mental illness worse. “Any serious illness that is not treated will get worse over time,” said Mary Trump.

According to his niece, Donald Trump’s condition also allows conclusions to be drawn as to how the ex-president would react to a possible charge of storming the Capitol. Mary Trump is certain that he will pull out all the legal stops “to change the subject, to muddy the waters, to distract, to project, to blame everyone from the lowest aides in the White House upwards”. There is only one thing he will not do, according to the 57-year-old on the talk show “Thom Hartmann Programm”, he will not see the blame in himself.

“Donald didn’t do this alone”

Under no circumstances would he accept an accusation, emphasized the author of the book, and he would recruit anyone who still stood by him. Anyway, it’s clear, “Donald didn’t do this [attempt to overturn Joe Biden] alone. He was supported at every step by people in his inner circle, everyone in the executive branch and almost the entire Republican Party.” , is Mary Trump, who has meticulously followed her uncle’s development for years.

The psychologist believes that his anger, should he be charged, will be directed at his opponents as well as his companions and followers. That could easily affect even his eldest children — that is, Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric — who were his advisors during his presidency. Mary Trump justifies this assessment by saying that the relationship between Donald Trump and his adult children is “transactional” – they influence each other.

Trump has never been held accountable for his actions

Given what the Jan. 6 public hearings have already revealed, it would be “shocking and unscrupulous” if her uncle weren’t charged, Mary Trump said. She expects even more to become known than it already is. However, it is likely that Donald Trump does not believe “that something will happen because nothing ever happened.” Mary Trump: “He’s done horrible things his whole life and hasn’t been held accountable once, so there’s no precedent for that.”

Probably not for how Donald Trump will then react.

Sources: “The Daily Beast” (Paid Content), Thom Hartmann Programm