Master P’s daughter is dead. Tytyana Miller was only 29 years old. The rapper announced the sad news via Instagram.

Master P (52) mourns the loss of his daughter. Tytyana Miller was only 29 years old. The rapper, whose real name is Percy Robert Miller, announced the sad news via Instagram.

“Our family is in overwhelming sadness at the loss of my daughter Tytyana,” Master P wrote. “We respectfully ask for some privacy so that our family can grieve. We are grateful for all of your prayers, love and support.” He also posted the picture of an angel.

“Mental illness and substance abuse are a real problem”

The grieving father did not name a cause of death. But he hinted at what his daughter was suffering from. “Mental illness and substance abuse is a real problem that we can’t be afraid to speak up about.”

Master P. later posted another picture showing him with his daughter. “Life is too short. Give your loved ones their flowers while they are still alive,” he says metaphorically.

Tytyana Miller’s brother also spoke up, Romeo (32), who, like his father, is a rapper. “I am forever grateful for the memories I had with my wonderful sister,” he wrote on Instagram. Tytyana Miller took part in the documentary “Growing Up Hip Hop” in 2016. The format sheds light on the lives of children of famous rappers. There she made her drug history public.