After the massacre in Uvalde, Matthew McConaughey advocates stricter gun laws – as now with a speech in the White House.

Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey (52) campaigned in the White House in Washington for a reform of US gun laws with an urgent speech lasting more than 20 minutes. The background is the massacre at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas – McConaughey’s hometown.

The actor let emotions speak during the lecture, which can also be viewed in full on YouTube. He had previously visited the crime scene and met with the families of the victims. In the White House, he now used several of the deceased’s utensils and told them about their dreams. He presented these stories with a mixture of bewilderment, anger and sadness, and at one point he banged on the lectern in desperation.

Identification by a heart on the shoe

He showed a drawing by 10-year-old Alithia Ramirez, who had dreamed of becoming an artist in Paris but did not survive the massacre. McConaughey reported that many bodies were so mutilated that only DNA testing could identify them. Maite Rodriguez also died in the massacre at the age of ten and was thus identified by her sneakers as a heart was painted on the toe of the right shoe. McConaughey’s wife, Camila Alves, 40, carried the green Converse sneakers on her lap.

Of his meetings with the victims’ grieving parents, the actor said they all hoped their children didn’t die entirely in vain – and wished for safer schools and tougher gun laws. Now is the time to really change something, McConaughey said with regard to the gun law. The actor, who had previously met with President Joe Biden (79), called for background checks on gun buyers and raising the minimum age to purchase assault rifles to 21, among other things.

Headwind on Instagram

The Texan has also made several posts for “responsible use of weapons” on his Instagram page in recent weeks – and has had to take a lot of opposition from his compatriots in the comments.

An 18-year-old shot 19 children and two teachers two weeks ago in Uvalde. McConaughey and Alves are raising funds for the Texas community through their Just Keep Living Foundation.