Matthias Schweighöfer takes his children’s gifts for Father’s Day with humor. He celebrates Father’s Day like many other celebrity dads.

On this year’s Father’s Day (May 26), dads will again receive loving messages or small gifts from their children. In the celebrity world, fathers like Matthias Schweighöfer (41) congratulate themselves and share the funny gifts they have received from their children. In addition, stars like Jana Ina Zarrella (45) do not forget their husbands and congratulate them on the special day.

Schweighöfer can look forward to gifts from his two children. The actor has two children with his former partner Ani Schromm. They have now given their father a very special gift. The German star shared his children’s self-made medals on Instagram. One reads “Happy Father’s Day,” while the other charmingly attests the 41-year-old that he’s ugly. The “What a Man” star seems to take the news of his offspring with humor. For the selfie, in which he looks at the camera with little enthusiasm, he writes: “If your children LOVE you more than anything” and wishes you a happy Father’s Day.

Pietro Lombardi (29) posted a cute picture with his son Alessio for Father’s Day. In the picture, the boy can be seen from behind hugging his dad. The musician and his son wear the same caps. “The best time is the one you spend with your children,” writes the “DSDS” star. Fathers who don’t take care of their children would also miss out on “the most wonderful thing in the world”. His ex-wife and Alessio’s mother, Sarah Engels (29), commented on the post with “Happy Father’s Day”.

Fathers are grateful for their children

Bastian Schweinsteiger (37) celebrates the holiday with a “Father’s Day Challenge”. The former footballer has been married to Ana Ivanović (34) since 2016. He has two sons together with the tennis star. The 37-year-old likes to play parlor games with them. Schweinsteiger posted a picture while playing and smiled at the camera without showing Luka and Leon.

Julian Classen (29) celebrates the first Father’s Day since the end of love with Bianca “Bibi” Classen (29). The two YouTube stars recently announced their split. The father is now celebrating his special day with their two children. For this he shared snapshots of his “kiss attack” on Instagram. When his children were born, he made them a promise: “Anytime, anywhere” to be the best dad for them. “My No. 1” in the world are Lio and Emily. He also wishes all dads a great Father’s Day.

These celebrity ladies congratulate their children’s fathers

The wives of some celebrity fathers also congratulated their loved ones. Ann-Kathrin Götze (32) shared a series of pictures of her two men. She and Mario Götze (29) said yes in 2018. In 2020 their son, Rome, saw the light of day. For Father’s Day, the model honors her husband with a sweet post. Taking snapshots of the father-son duo, she congratulates the soccer star and writes: “We love you and are grateful for you.”

Daniela Katzenberger (35) also appreciates her husband for his father’s qualities. TV fame has a daughter with Lucas Cordalis (54). The proud cat has now posted pictures of the singer and Sophia. The snapshots are a mix of old and current photos. The 35-year-old writes about the memories: “For the best dad in the world” and adds a heart emoji.

Jana Ina Zarrella and Giovanni Zarrella (44) are a heart and soul. The two have been married since 2005. Three years later their son, Gabriel, was born. The couple has kept it out of the public eye ever since. Therefore, the moderator congratulated her husband with a couple picture for Father’s Day. She writes how “incredibly talented” he is. “But your greatest talent is being the best, greatest and most loving father in the world,” comments the Brazilian native.