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Maxim Shugaley put in “concrete glass”

Maxim Shugaley put in

may 17, one year old, as in Libya, armed men detained the Russian sociologist Maxim Shugaley and his translator. They were accused of meddling in the election and thrown in jail.

For a whole year — only one phone call and one-note from prison, written in pencil, which became known to the Arab part of the Internet.

“we had the opportunity to exchange letters through the lawyer, and there was one phone call for a year of his stay in prison. He was very emotional. Maxim holds, has no doubts about its return,” — said Natalia Shugaley, the wife of Maxim.

“Natasha! Writing in the hope that you will be able to read this message. I did not think that our separation would take so long. Live in expectation of our meeting. I often remember and replaying our with you life. Remember how you said in Naples, when I jumped into the sea during the tour that I’m so thrown and someday will emerge. I’m sorry, in Libya it happened. But I do not lose hope to return. And you don’t. I’m alive and full of energy to hold on to. I know that now a worldwide epidemic, here, too, but I’m healthy. Very worried about you. The most depressing ignorance of how you were as kids, as a mom. I definitely will come back to you,” wrote Maxim.

a Group of Russian sociologists went to Tripoli from the “Foundation to Protect national values”. Now his head together with other activists regularly comes to the Libyan Embassy with a poster “sociology is a science, not a crime.”

the staff of the Foundation, according to its President Alexander Malkevich, preparing case studies and analytical reports on the eve of the largest economic forum “Russia – Africa”, which took place in October last year in Sochi with the participation of 45 heads of state and government.

“Africa is a huge continent, a large market is interesting for Russian business. But in order for thatm, speaking the people’s language, not to meddle, of course, need help, the balance in the political situation in the country,” said Mal’kevich.

Interjected themselves sociologists. The militants did not believe that in the midst of civil war to engage in scientific research. Maxim Shugaley and his interpreter Camera Safina — Russian citizen of Jordanian origin — seized by armed men, rushed into three o’clock in the rented house. The third member of the team — Alexander Prokofiev — flew a few days before that in Russia.

“They are in prison Mitiga. It’s a private prison group RADA. Formally, this grouping is part of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the national consensus government, which basically gives her a license to racketeering, kidnapping, trafficking in human beings. It consists mainly of a variety of radicals , including members of “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia) and LIH (banned in Russia),” — said Alexander Prokofiev.

a month and a half all was not clear who seized the Russians and where they are. Then the authorities of Tripoli have accused sociologists of meddling in the election. Before they dared to meet and to interview Gaddafi’s son.

“We were accused of meddling in elections in a country which has no Constitution, no electoral law. Not planned, no elections, no legal basis for this story. As well as charged the guys in the meeting with Saif Gaddafi. But we must understand that anything illegal in the meeting with Saif Gaddafi can not be. He pardoned and was released according to the Libyan laws. With it including met Western journalists. He is a public figure, — said Prokofiev.

the Translator Samer suffers from diabetes, he needed insulin. Prior to his trip to Libya Maxim Shugaley suffered a stroke and daily meds, which he is not in prison.

“He asked him to convey medications to normsthe average sales pressure and the instrument to measure it. It feels bad. Everything was handed over to a lawyer, don’t know if he got it all. I saw a photo taken in prison in September of this year, he is very thin, haggard. It is obvious that he feels really bad. How can you endure these inhumane conditions, how to move everything that fell to his share, I can’t imagine,” sighs Natalia Shugaley.

the conditions of detention in this prison of a monstrous, people lie on the floor side by side. Some of the pictures are already visible, wrapped in rags of the body.

“Samir is in a common cell of 12 square meters. Together there are more than 30 people. Maxim sits in a “concrete glass” 90 to 120 centimeters. No bedding, you know what hygiene is. The beating from the guards, the constant bullying. If you can imagine the hell it’s Mitiga”, — said Alexander Prokofiev.

“We locked in a large chamber. There were about 80 people and everything was very tight, stuffy, there was no water. Here and live, and sleep, and others need to cope,” — said Sergey Samoilov, senior assistant to the captain of the tanker “Timetron”.

Sergey Samoilov has been in prison Mitiga more than three years before it was possible to release the Russian diplomats. He and several sailors from the team of a Greek tanker, the rebels seized on Board of the vessel 17 miles off the coast of Libya, accused of oil smuggling.

“None of us did not speak, was beaten with a pipe me,” says Samoilov.

When Mithu brought Russian sociologists, jailers forbade the sailors to communicate with them, but Samoilov managed to convey Shugaley some clothes and pen and paper.

“Maxim punished. I don’t know why. There dug a pit, a ditch, not very deep, 40-50 centimeters, filled with water. Those who, in the opinion of the police, deserve to be punished, in mud, in sand, in water tumbling. And the guard got and stick customize. And look, when is enough, will say that enough is enough. Well, here’s a Maxim for this ordeal ended up, I know,” — said Sergey Samoilov.

Russian citizens are in the hands of 40-year-old Wahhabi Abd al-Rauf Carr, nicknamed Sheikh-Lieutenant. He leads a group of RADA, which is actually accountable to no one. The militants smuggle oil sending migrants to Europe and control the prison Mitiga — it kept the hostages and the slave trade.

“There’s a slave market, we know about all human rights violations. We will strive for the release of all prisoners, including Shugaley,” said Ahmed al-Mismari, a spokesman of the Libyan national army.

About what prison Mitiga, well aware the Americans. At the state Department website describes this place: “Mitiga Former prisoners reported that they had been hung by his hands for a few hours. This led to dislocations. Talked about broken noses and knocked out teeth, that they were beaten with plastic tubes, mutilated legs in the torture device called a cell “al-Falk”.

the newspaper The New York Times explores the theme of Russian interference in African elections from Libya to Madagascar and accuses them of what Soros does for the last 30 years around the world. Publishing openly says that sociologists was sent to prison Mitiga with the help of American intelligence agencies: “According to the person involved in this story, U.S. intelligence agencies warned the militia associated with the interim government in Tripoli, and those eventually detained Mr. Shugaley and his interpreter”.

“Guys were there officially, by invitation visa. They had taken shelter. In fact, a few days before their scheduled departure they were captured. Night. A group of armed men with the participation, according to our information, and foreigners. According to our information, they were members of the psolstva the USA from Tunisia,” — said Alexander Malkevich.

According to the latest data, Maxim Shugaley was a long time in solitary confinement, he was sent there for trying to escape.

“suffered a rocket attack on the base near the prison, and a number of prisoners attempted to escape. But unfortunately, she failed. And here, as written in Arabic social networks, Russian was among those who fled. We believe that it was a Maxim Shugaley,” — said Mal’kevich.

In Libya is now two opposing forces. The Parliament is on his side the army of Marshal of the Caliph Haftarot and under control 90% of the country. On the other hand, the national consensus government Prime Minister Faiza Saraga. In their hands the capital, her hold with the help of Turkish mercenaries and Islamic militants.

We are in Tripoli, which for several months besieging the Libyan national army. Advance units of Marshal of the Haftarot captured the southern suburbs and deep into the city itself. To Mitiga is only a few kilometers. Most likely, the prison will have to take by storm. Another way to release the Russians commanders of the Libyan army simply can not see.

“different in any way, because the terrorists understand only force. They do not want to maintain the truce, they are traitors, they have in mind only the religious faith that they impose on the world. Russians in Tripoli were kidnapped by the terrorists under the leadership of the national consensus government,” said al-Mabruk Muhammad, the commander of the Western district of the Libyan national army.

the Russian foreign Ministry’s arrest of our citizens commented frostily. The Agency repeatedly warned not to travel to Libya — the risks are too great. “The foreign Ministry will continue persistent efforts for the early and unconditional release of Maxim Shugaley and Camera Safana and will continue to use all available opportunities and appropriate channels of influence on the Libyan authorities,” — said on the Agency’s website.

“People are kept in inhuman conditions, in a terrible prison, and they need the help of a great powerful country, of which they were citizens. I think that Russia should protect them, and bring them back home”, — said Natalia Shugaley.

Text: “News of the week”