Today is Mother’s Day – and you still don’t have a suitable saying for the greeting card? Then quickly! Here you will find creative help at FOCUS Online.

We have a very special relationship with our mother. In childhood, she gives us security and teaches us the most important things and values ​​in life. And in adulthood she is the haven of calm and the helper in times of need. It goes without saying that this important person must be expressly thanked at least once a year. We do this every year on Mother’s Day.

All mothers are celebrated on this date. Be it with small gifts or other attention. And of course a card with kind wishes or a friendly saying should not be missing.

Traditionally, Mother’s Day is celebrated in this country on the second Sunday in May. The origins of this day can be found in ancient Greece – back then the goddess Rhea was worshiped. The balancing act between family and work puts mothers under pressure. Every third child wants more time with their mother – but for almost every second mother, the offspring is a stress factor. What mothers want on their special day.The beginnings of Mother’s Day – as we know it today – can be found in the United States. There, at the beginning of the last century, Methodist Anna Marie Jarvis made it her mission to establish an official day in honor of mothers.

In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson gave in and established Mother’s Day as a national holiday. In this country, florists in particular discover this day for themselves. In the 1920s they launched various advertising campaigns. During the Nazi era, mothers with many children were celebrated as folk heroes. Since 1949, Mother’s Day has been designated as a non-statutory holiday.

Last minute gifts for Mother’s Day

You can use a Jewish proverb to honor the mother’s dedication and hard work. This says: “God couldn’t be everywhere at the same time – and that’s why he created mothers.” This is how you say thank you for everything the mother did for you.

Or you can choose the words of the 16th President of the United States of America. He attributed all of his abilities to his mother. Abraham Lincoln said, “All that I am, or all that I ever hope to be, I owe to my mother.”

The Swiss philosopher Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi also coined a saying that can be used well for Mother’s Day. This is how he conveys the statement: “A mother is the only person in the world who loves you even before she knows you.”

You can also use well-known folk wisdom as Mother’s Day sayings. After all, the knowledge of the importance of our mothers is deeply rooted in our history. For example, choose “Mothers understand what children don’t say.”

The poet Friedrich Morgenroth wrote a loving greeting. “Mother’s Day is one of the most beautiful days. Even if there are only a few words that I wrote, each of these flowers should say beautifully: Thank you so much, I love you!”

You can round off your greeting to your mother by drawing a link from the lovely saying on the card to a personal shared memory. In this way you will make your dear mother very special and give the greeting an individual, personal touch. Choose one of the thank you notes and the sayings mentioned for Mother’s Day and give your mom an unforgettable day.