After the US Supreme Court ruled to overturn the abortion law, Meadow Walker made her own abortion story public.

After the Supreme Court ruling on abortion rights, emotions are running high in the USA. Many stars also speak out about the decision. For example, Meadow Walker (23), who shared on Instagram that she had an abortion herself in 2020. The Supreme Court’s decision was a “major step backwards in history” and a “deep injustice to women in the United States,” said the daughter of film star Paul Walker (1973-2013).

“There are countless women struggling with the decision to have an abortion,” Walker continues. “I too struggled with this decision, but in 2020 – while the world was collapsing under the pandemic – I had an abortion.” It was a “very private and personal experience,” says the 23-year-old. “And so it should be.”

“I got lucky”

She was very lucky with the doctors who accompanied her through the “stressful process”. “Thanks to her help, I can be the happy and healthy person I am today,” Walker writes. “It is heartbreaking to know that even more women will now be deprived of a safe abortion.” Banning abortions doesn’t prevent abortion, it only prevents safe abortions.

Many celebrities have criticized the verdict

The Supreme Court of the United States has overturned a nationwide abortion law in the United States – and overturned a landmark decision around 50 years old. The individual federal states will therefore in future decide on the right to abortions and can severely restrict this. Several states had already prepared corresponding laws in advance. Many citizens, including celebrities from politics and the media world, criticize the decision.

Meadow Walker is the only daughter of US actor Paul Walker, who starred in the action film series Fast