Without a reliable mechanical gaming keyboard, gamers quickly end up in digital mud. What should gamers look out for when buying a keyboard?

If you gamble a lot, you need a robust keyboard, because online battles are almost always high: Several hundred keystrokes per minute are not uncommon for professional gamers in games like “Dota 2” or “League of Legends”. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing the right gaming keyboard.

There are two types of computer keyboards: membrane and mechanical. With membrane keyboards, the manufacturers install small rubber switches under the individual buttons. After the button is pressed, the membrane moves back to its original position. Because they are cheap to manufacture, membrane keyboards are currently more common than mechanical keyboards.

In mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, small springs are used to bring the keys back to their original position. Compared to the rubber switches, mechanical keyboards score with their longer service life. On the other hand, they are usually bulkier and more expensive. In addition to gamers, people who type a lot at work rely on mechanical keyboards because the typing feel is more like that of a typewriter.

Mechanical gaming keyboard: You must consider this before buying

The central and most important difference between the two types of mechanical keyboards are the switch types built into them. These are the mechanical keyboard switch types, meaning the spring and a connector that holds each key in place. Most manufacturers rely on Cherry switches. The manufacturer offers four types:

Still other manufacturers of mechanical gaming keyboards rely on their own switches.

1. Logitech G413

A popular representative of these loners is Logitech. The company developed the Romer G switches specifically for its mechanical gaming keyboards, which are also used in the Logitech G413. Logitech promises its customers a quiet and fast response of the individual keys. The design of the G413 is rather simple for a gaming keyboard. Red LEDs illuminate the keyboard. A USB socket is located on the back of the keyboard. The manufacturer dispenses with additional switches. Nevertheless, it is possible to lock the Microsoft key or regulate the volume using the keyboard. As with laptop keyboards, the Logitech G413 has an Fn button next to the AltGr key. If it is pressed, the volume can be adjusted with the F keys above the row of numbers or the Windows key can be locked. This prevents you from accidentally touching the Windows key and flying to the desktop during the gaming session.

2. Corsair K63

If you’re gaming and working at a particularly small desk, consider the Corsair K63. Corsair does without a numpad on the keyboard. Nice: On the top of the keyboard you will find various switches that control the volume on the computer, for example. There is also a kill button for the Windows key. The manufacturer relies on the MX Red switches from Cherry for the Corsair K63. The switches are particularly suitable for gamers because they are easy to trigger.

3. HP Pavilion Gaming 550

HP also relies on the Red switches from Cherry for its Pavilion Gaming 550. Otherwise, the manufacturer keeps it simple with its keyboard. HP does not use buttons that regulate the volume on the computer. But players also miss a kill button for the Windows key. You can still do both, using the Fn and F key combination. To do this, click the Fn key next to AltGr and the appropriate F key. F12, for example, locks the Windows key and F2 and F3 regulate the volume. By the way: The keyboard is also available with other Cherry switches.

4. Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro

The Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro is unique in many ways: The most striking unique selling point are the flat buttons, which are located on Roccat’s own titanium switches. Players regulate the volume on the computer using a rotary wheel at the top right. Roccat does without a numpad on the TKL Pro. The manufacturer also sells the keyboard in a larger version with a number block.

5. HyperX Alloy Origins

Is the home office also the gaming altar? Then the HyperX Alloy Origins is for you. HyperX treats the keyboard to the blue cherry switches, which are particularly popular with prolific writers. The LED lighting provides the right gaming feeling. You can change them as needed using the appropriate software. Connect the keyboard to your computer with a USB-C cable. Use the Fn key in conjunction with the F keys to regulate the volume on the computer or lock the Windows button.

6. MSI Vigor GK 50 Elite

Many gamers are familiar with MSI because the manufacturer is known for its graphics cards and motherboards. But he also makes keyboards. With its MSI Vigor GK 50 Elite, MSI does without switches from Cherry and instead uses the Kahli Box White switches. Compared to the red Cherry switches, the Kahli Box White are flatter. This shortens the path of each keystroke. According to the manufacturer, the switches react to an even lighter button press.

7. Corsair K60 RGB Pro

At the beginning of 2020, Cherry introduced its new Viola switches. According to the manufacturer, the switches are aimed at price-conscious gamers who are looking for a mechanical keyboard. And that’s exactly what Corsair relies on with its K60 RGB Pro. The manufacturer has given you a numeric keypad, but it is sparse with other keys. Nevertheless, you control the volume of the sound via the keyboard: there is an Fn key next to the right Alt key. Hold down the , regulate the volume with the F7 and F8 keys, for example.

8. HP Omen by Encoder Keyboard

The Omen by Encoder gives HP red or brown Cherry switches. You regulate the volume using an Fn switch, which is located to the right of the Alt key and the F keys. Red LEDs illuminate the keyboard. The WSAD keys stand out from the rest. Why are they different? W, S, A, and D are mostly used by gamers to navigate their hero. If your hand slips while playing, you can effortlessly feel your way back to the important key pyramid without the player taking his eyes off the monitor.

9. Logitech Clicky GPro Mechanical

This small Logitech keyboard is suitable for gamers who frequently go to LAN parties. Thanks to the detachable USB-C cable that you use to connect the keyboard to the computer, the Clicky GPro is easier to store in a backpack. Logitech does without a numeric keypad on the keyboard. Inside, the GX Blue Clicky switches from Logitech are used. Their trademark: a particularly loud clicking sound. The manufacturer promises a familiar click feeling and also provides an audio sample of the switches on its website. Nice: A gaming mode button in the top right corner blocks the Windows key.

10. Speedlink SL-670010-BK Orios RGB

The Speedlink SL-670010-BK Orios offers nine light modes. You can program individual keys individually using the software. Unfortunately, Speedlink does not install any Cherry switches. Based on the popular MX Red, the manufacturer speaks of Red Switches.

Note: This article was first published in February 2021.

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