It is about the judgment of the Supreme Court of the Latin American country, which is intended to protect biodiversity in a national park with a specially responsible guard.

According to media reports, a regional court in Colombia has ordered President Iván Duque to be put under house arrest for five days.

The Ibagué court also fined Duque 15 legal minimum wages, as reported by the Colombian newspaper “El Espectador”.

Accordingly, the head of state failed to comply with a Supreme Court ruling that the government should set up a guard to protect a national park. According to the TV station Caracol, animals and plants from the protected area of ​​Los Nevados National Park, which is important for the water supply, were traded.

Duque reportedly assured in a speech in Montería that his government was committed to preserving biodiversity. Together with his officials, he is committed to protecting Nevados Park. “Today we experienced an inexplicable act,” he said, referring to the house arrest order, which he described as unconstitutional.

The immunity of the head of state had been disregarded by the court, the newspaper El Tiempo quoted Justice Minister Wilson Ruiz as saying. Colombia’s well-known criminal lawyer Iván Cancino wrote on Twitter that the only authority for any appeal against a president’s decision should be the Constitutional Court.