It was supposed to be the controversial prince’s first major appearance – now Prince Andrew is not allowed to take part in the renowned Garter Day. At the same time there are discussions about how to proceed with him.

The performance was highly controversial. After missing his mother, Queen Elizabeth II’s anniversary celebrations due to Covid, Prince Andrew was due to perform at the annual Garter Day ceremony. After pressure from the royal family, he canceled – at least the public part of the performance. The retreat falls within the palace’s deliberations on how to deal with the fallen prince.

The move came as a surprise. As a member of the Order, Andrew was firmly scheduled for Monday’s ceremony, despite significant public opposition. The cancellation came on Sunday night. According to the “Sun”, things got hot behind the scenes. Both Prince Charles and Prince William are said to have urged the Queen to persuade Andrew to cancel.

Prince Charles and Prince William spoke out against Andrew’s participation

The background is the allegations of abuse against the prince. After Andrew saved himself from a court dispute through an out-of-court settlement worth millions with the alleged victim and subsequently had to give up his title, his public reputation was in tatters. According to the reports, this should ultimately have been the trigger for the cancellation by the Queen: Buckingham Palace was particularly concerned about the possible public reaction to the performance. And probably wanted to avoid the risk of boos during the ceremony at all costs.

The queen is said to have finally given in to pressure from the two heirs to the throne. “The decision has been made that is in the best interest of the family but also of the Duke of York,” the Sun quoted an insider as saying. However, Andrew was not completely excluded: He may continue to attend the non-public part of the ceremony in the family circle.

A new life in Scotland?

This is a major setback for the fallen prince. Palace sources say he was “highly optimistic” that he would be able to regain his status as part of the royal family. In recent months he is said to have tried to prepare for his comeback and asked his mother, among other things, for the return of the title of Colonel in the Grenadier Guard.

But the palace seems to have other plans. According to a report by the “Mail on Sunday”, the Queen is to consult with various family members and confidants on how her son could go on. A special focus should be on keeping him out of the public eye.

One consideration is that Andrew “builds a new life” in Scotland. “But of course you have to consider the sensitivity of the public. And also that this is only the first step on a long road.”

Quellen:The Sun, Mail on Sunday