Medvedev: when digital voting can be features that are now more obscure

When voting in a digital form can be specific features that it is still, perhaps, unclear until the end. This opinion was expressed by the Chairman of “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev said during an online-meeting with personnel of the project EP “Policestate”.

According to him, pandemic coronavirus in the world has greatly reduced the number of opponents of the development of digital technology, clearly demonstrating their vital need.

“If not for digital technology, sorry, we are now each other would not have seen. And how would we communicate in such conditions is a very big issue,” — said Medvedev.

he Also said that in the event of any crisis in the first place “I try to put under the knife” innovative projects, including the digital economy, saying that now is not the time for this, “we would now live somehow, ends meet, to bring, business to help.”

However, this does not apply to the current crisis caused by the global pandemic coronavirus. “I am sure that the government understands this, and my colleagues, who are now doing this”, said the Chairman of the party.

Previously, the state Duma in the second reading adopted the bill, as amended, under which it may be possible to vote in elections and referendums in the mail and remotely.