A man has killed one person and injured two others Friday in Melbourne (Australia). The three victims were attacked with a knife in a shopping street of the second largest city in the country. The attacker, wounded by police and died in hospital. Graham Ashton, the head of the Victoria police said on television that the track terrorist, was considered. Later in the day, Daech has claimed responsibility for the attack through its organ of propaganda, Qama.

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A death in an attack with a knife in Australia – Watch it on Figaro Live

The attack took place in the middle of the afternoon, at 16.20, in the central business district of Melbourne. At this time, people begin to return to their homes and fill the streets. Originally, this is a car on fire which attracts the police, which is accountable for the on-site three people have been stabbed. “I’m pretty sure that he [the victim] was stabbed in the face. After that, we saw two police officers who were struggling with the man brandishing his knife,” said ABC news an employee of a KFC close to the stage. The agents are trying to first master it and then opened fire, critically injuring the man, who dies some time later in the hospital.

gas cylinders in a vehicle

The plan was obviously to blow up a car, loaded gas cylinders. The attackers had set fire to the vehicle, before attacking passers-by, but the fire was brought under control quickly by firefighters before the area is declared safe by bomb disposal experts. “We treat now of this as a terrorist event,” said Graham Ashton, the head of the Victoria police at a press conference. A native of Somalia, the family of the perpetrator was reported to have links with terrorism. “This person is known to the police, he continued. It is someone known to the police of Victoria and the federal service of intelligence”. According to an information transmitted by the police to the AFP, the gas bottles were found in the vehicle of the suspect.

Australia has been threatened several times in recent years by the group Islamic State, the country is a member of the coalition fighting the terrorist organization and a close ally of the United States. For the past few years, many hundreds of Australians have joined the ranks of the caliphate, and threaten to come back. Several attacks have taken place in recent years, in 2014 and in 2017, it lengthens the list.