Memoir, John Bolton: why so very angry Donald trump

memoir, former national security Advisor of the United States will go on sale tomorrow. To stop its publication the White house and could not. What so upset trump?

Time before the release of the memoirs of John Bolton is less, so Donald trump active as ever. Trying to soften the blow of the usual means — angry tweets.

“I gave a chance to John Bolton, who could not obtain the approval of the Senate because he was considered crazy and didn’t like. I always like to listen to different points of view. He was an incompetent liar,” said the US President.

However, the Bolton in debt left. In an interview with TV channel “Hey-bi-si” has declared that the trump brand is not suitable for the position of President and I wish he ruled the country single term: “I hope the trump will hold office for one term and will not send our country to the bottom, where we won’t be able to come back.”

Attacks trump Bolton not surprised. Says it’s a favorite manner of the President: the best defense – attack. In the memoir, or rather, in those fragments that hit the Internet — a lot about communication style trump with colleagues.

for Example, there is speculation that the Bolton’s took the job because of his mustache.

“trump said it was not a deciding factor, however, noted that his father also had a mustache. I don’t want to believe that my appearance influenced the trump. But if so, God save this country!”

And the current Secretary of state Mike Pompeo allegedly trying to resign since December 2018. And even showed Bolton a note in which he wrote that trump was rubbish. Especially memorable Pompeo meetings trump with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN that was full of chaos and had any sense at all. The tramp couldn’t remember why Korea split into two countries, and all the time asked about it.

And yet Bolton did not like the fact that trump doesn’t want the States remained on BLignem East. For example, the Kurdish allies the U.S. leader considers bad soldiers who did not flee from the battlefield, but only if Americans are bombing all around.

trump, according to Bolton, right after the election was under the supervision of experienced people, but eventually broke up everyone who argued with him, and surrounded himself only with sycophants, and completely incompetent with no management experience. Helpful but always willing to nod in response.

the trump called the book a collection of lies and fictional stories, and Bolton — hurt boring fool who wanted only one thing — to draw the United States into the war. And until the dismissal were talking about the President of the United States only good.

Not to let the book Bolton to the stores, citing the disclosure of state secrets, did not work. Now, the former adviser to want to deprive the money from sales, as it did with Snowden, and all the tools to get to the budget.