Merkel expressed support for dialogue with Russia and the loss of U.S. global leadership

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for the continuation of a constructive dialogue with Russia. Strategic influence that Russia has in Syria and Libya, an important argument in favor of continued cooperation, said Merkel in an interview for European media.

At the same time, Russia is using “methods of destabilization” in its foreign policy. “In any case, we recognize a hybrid war,” — said Merkel.

Speaking about the latest decisions of the President of the US in NATO, Merkel called on Europeans to think about a new reality, which will change the global leader. If the US no longer want to fulfill this role, to reflect on this need seriously.

So Merkel reacted to the statement of US President Donald trump, who announced the withdrawal of 10 thousand U.S. soldiers from Germany. Later, the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the US “strategically overestimate” the deployment of American military around the world, writes TASS.

Merkel remains committed to maintaining defence cooperation with the United States. “Look at the world, China or India. There is good reason to remain committed to the transatlantic defence community. But, of course, Europe should bear a greater burden of military spending,” she said.

First Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Dmitry Novikov told RT that Germany is now in a dilemma. Euro-Atlantic solidarity has brought relations between Russia and Germany to a standstill, said Novikov. “It is necessary sooner or later to come”, — concluded the Deputy.