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The words have been carefully chosen on Tuesday by Angela Merkel: “We need to work on the vision that, one day, to achieve a real european army”. For the German chancellor, it is a daring and unusual: she is interested usually little of the “visions” of long-term and in the matter of defence, Germany continued to advance with caution. But in front of the meps gathered in Strasbourg, she has provided support for the idea last week by the head of the State, Emmanuel Macron, who had triggered the wrath of a president Donald Trump.

” The time in which Europe could rely on other’s past. “

Angela Merkel

“The time in which Europe could rely on other’s past,” she continued, taking back the formula it had used in 2017, after the election of the american billionaire. Donald Trump had stepped up criticism against Europe, which has delegated its defence to Nato and the United States after the war. Angela Merkel is convinced that Europe must now “take its destiny in hand” to be able to still weigh heavily on the international scene.

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“security council european”

The vision of franco-German european army, however, is far from unanimous in Europe. Angela Merkel has, therefore, taken precautions, adding that such an army was not to consider “anti-Nato”. She then returned to the specific questions that she loves, regretting the number of military systems different in Europe or weakness of a common policy for the equipment.

Angela Merkel has also advanced the idea of forming “a council of european security, with a rotating presidency in which important decisions will be taken quickly” to strengthen the external policy of the EU.

In his speech to the european Parliament, the chancellor has also Europeans not to lose sight of the values of “solidarity and tolerance”. These qualities, combined with the principles of accountability, are essential in his eyes to achieve the necessary compromise. Again, it has not been unanimously accepted, and nationalist forces represented in Strasbourg does not lack for the boo. Weakened in Germany, the will of Angela Merkel crumbles also in Europe.

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