Merkel wore a mask with a Mobius strip

German Chancellor Angela Merkel wearing a mask with the Mobius strip.

Monday during a press conference with President of France Emmanuel Makron Merkel was asked why she never appeared in public in a mask, even though she regularly asks citizens to observe social distance and wear masks. This Merkel said that putting it on, when necessary, for example, during a visit to the shops. But since reporters are not there, then the mask, they didn’t see her. As RIA Novosti reported, Merkel stressed that compliance with the rules and promised that “there will be other opportunities when I can to see the mask”.

And here is a photo of the Chancellor in the mask was posted on Twitter, Prime Minister of Saxony-Anhalt Rainer Haseloff. The picture was taken in the courtyard of the Bundesrat. Both policies at the pictures in the masks. Haseloff wore a mask with the emblem of the region, and Merkel — with the logo of the presidency of Germany in EU Council, the Mobius strip, painted in blue color interspersed with the colors of the flag of Germany.

Merkel gave a speech on the occasion of the German presidency of the EU Council. She expressed confidence that the EU will be able to cope with the economic crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus. She also said that the decision to impose necessary restrictions were among the most difficult in her career.

“Europe can survive the crisis, because Europe, at crucial moments, preserves the unity of the member countries, regions, but above all citizens,” the politician said, adding that “the unification of Europe is the greatest gift of the twentieth century, our common happiness.”