What’s next for Mesut Özil, who is suspended at Fenerbahce in Istanbul? The world champion of 2014 gives the answer himself.

Mesut Özil has clearly stated his future in Turkey. “I emphatically repeat: I will not end my career in any team other than Fenerbahce,” wrote the 2014 world champion on Twitter.

The 33-year-old was suspended at Fenerbahce in March. A few days later, his agent Erkut Sögüt confirmed that his client wanted to stay with the Turkish club: “He wants to make his contribution. He wants to play, he wants to stay on the field for 90 minutes.”

Fener boss: Özil should concentrate on playing football

Özil has now announced that he wants to fight his way back into the squad. “I will work hard and always be ready,” wrote the former Germany international: “I had achieved my career goal by signing a 3.5-year contract with Fenerbahce, my childhood sweetheart, without being paid for the first six months will.”

Then there was trouble with his new club. In November, club president Ali Koc had already complained that Özil finally had to concentrate on his work. “He needs to put his business matters aside and focus more on how to best contribute and do his best for Fenerbahce,” said Koc. The suspension finally came in March.

The offensive player moved from Arsenal FC to Turkey last year. His contract with the nineteen-time Turkish champions runs until 2024. Recently there has been speculation about his future, but there is apparently no change for Özil himself.