In Spain and Mexico they are considered a sport and remain very popular. Now a judge has stopped bullfighting demonstrations completely – of all places in the largest arena in the world.

For the first time, a court in Mexico has ordered a bullfight to be suspended after civil organizations had been suing for a ban for years. Ironically, bullfights are no longer allowed to take place in the largest bullring in the world for the time being.

The verdict is a great success for animal rights activists in Mexico. Mexico is considered a stronghold of bullfighting. Now the organizers must “immediately suspend the bullfighting demonstrations in the “Plaza de Toros” in Mexico City and the issuing of permits,” the Mexican federal court ruled on Friday.

Bullfighting: Already banned in parts of Mexico – still a “tradition” in others

Bullfighting continues to be viewed as a sport in Mexico and remains very popular among sections of the population. Views of bullfighting are changing in some states, but only a handful of Mexico’s 32 states have banned bullfighting.

After the legal decision, there could soon be political headwind for traditional bullfights: In December, an animal protection commission of the Mexican parliament approved a proposal to ban bullfights in the capital. If lawmakers approve the plan, bullfighting could soon be banned in Mexico City as well.

Bullfighting was introduced to Mexico by the Spanish in the 16th century and has been a tradition ever since. Before the verdict on the “Plaza de Toros”, activists had filed a lawsuit against the centuries-old tradition. Another hearing is scheduled for Thursday. The next event in the “Plaza de Toros” would actually be scheduled for July 2nd.