Mezentsev appreciated the words Lukashenko and Russian-Belarusian relations

the Words of the Belarusian President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko that Minsk is the only remaining ally for Moscow, I can say that Belarus wants proves and strives to be the closest ally to Russia, says Russian Ambassador in the Republic of Dmitry Mezentsev.

He also said that the talk about that upcoming presidential elections in Belarus allegedly under pressure from Russia, have under itself no bases. “If someone believes that it is not, even presenting any facts,” Mr Mezentsev said in an online interview to journalists.

Russia has received detailed answers to all questions related to the presidential elections in Belarus, the diplomat said. He expressed the belief that the other issues that will arise as you continue the election campaign, the Russian representatives will get “fast and detailed professional answers.”

the Russian Ambassador and announced that a full-fledged movement across the Russian-Belarusian border after the lifting of restrictions related to the pandemic coronavirus, will be resumed this summer. At least Mezentsev called on to believe it.

Commenting on the fact of participation of the leaders of Russia and Belarus in the opening of Rzhev of the memorial to the Soviet soldier, the diplomat pointed out that it shows the commonality and unity of the two countries ‘ approaches in relation to the past and common history.

with regard to the timing of the meeting of the Prime Ministers of the EAEU countries, the Ambassador said that it is expected on July 17, however, the clarity of the format yet. “In whatever format it may come, she will certainly step in strengthening economic integration,” — said Mezentsev, quoted by TASS.

in addition, Mezentsev expressed confidence that the dispute over gas between Russia and Belarus will not affect bilateral relations.