Republican Ryan Kelley is arrested shortly before the House of Representatives’ first public hearing on the storming of the Capitol. He is accused of violence in the attack.

A candidate for governor of the US state of Michigan has been arrested for his part in the storming of the Capitol in Washington.

This was preceded by a criminal complaint against Republican Ryan Kelley, according to documents from the US Department of Justice on Thursday (local time). Kelley faces multiple misdemeanor charges, including the use of force against any person or property on a prohibited property and damaging federal property.

The FBI arrested Kelley at his home in Allendale, several US media reported. The gubernatorial candidate appeared before a court in Grand Rapids after his arrest, but was then released. A virtual hearing for Kelley is reportedly scheduled for June 16. The candidate’s house was also searched on Thursday.

Arrest before first public hearing

The arrest came just hours before the start of the first public hearing in the House of Representatives investigative committee on the attack on the US Capitol almost a year and a half ago. On January 6, 2021, supporters of the then Republican President Donald Trump stormed the seat of parliament in Washington. They wanted to prevent Democrat Joe Biden’s November 2020 election victory from being confirmed. The attack killed several people and injured dozens.

Kelley, a 40-year-old real estate agent, is one of five candidates running against Michigan’s Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in the fall.