The democrats have succeeded in their bet in regaining power in the House of representatives, thus imposing a cohabitation to Donald Trump. But they will have to settle for a narrow victory, failing to make these elections the victory of a referendum the anti-Trump.

● No blue wave for the democrats

The democrats are narrowly in the House of representatives to the republicans. They are now 219 elected representatives against 193 in the previous administration, the majority is 218 seats. The republicans, however, shall retain the Senate with 51 seats against 45 for the democrats. Better, they improved by two seats compared to 2016. Fifty posts of governors were in-game. The republicans won 25 against 22 for the democrats.

● new heads elected

Several new personalities have emerged in these elections, including many women. Now they are 116 elected, an historic record.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 29 years old. Brian Snyder/X90051

The rising star of the democratic party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, became, at 29 years of age, the youngest elected to the Congress. Hispanic and native of the Bronx, she had already created the surprise by obtaining the investiture democrat in the face of a party heavyweight, Joe Crowley. She easily won the electoral district in new york, between Queens and the Bronx, faces republican Anthony Pappas.

United States : Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest elected to the u.s. Congress – Watching on Figaro Live

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Ilhan Omar, a former somali refugee Stephen Maturen/AFP

the elections have also brought their share of first. This is the case in Kansas, where the democrat Sharice Davids, aficionado of martial art, and openly homosexual, became the first Native american to be elected to Congress. Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib, respectively, of Minnesota and Michigan, become, they, the first two women of muslim faith to enter the Congress. The State of Colorado has elected the first governor, openly gay democrat Jared Polis.

Many celebrities have benefited from these mid-term elections to sign their return policy, to the image of Mitt Romney. The former republican presidential candidate has been elected to the Senate. Fierce critic of Donald Trump, it offers a place of choice to criticize the president.

The results of these elections were also disappointed. In Texas, “Obama white”, Beto O’rourke, who had raised many hopes, has not managed to beat Ted Cruz, re-elected senator. The candidacy of Christine Hallquist had a lot to talk about. It won’t be the first governor to transgender in the United States, fought in the State of Vermont by the past governor, Phil Scott. Andrew Gillum, mayor, african-american, of Tallahassee, has not achieved the feat of becoming the first democratic governor of Florida since 1994.

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● Donald Trump meets

“Huge success tonight. Thank you to all of you!” tweeted Donald Trump, despite the loss of the House of representatives. He thanked his supporters who have enabled the republicans to retain, and increase, the majority in the Senate.

It was then found during a press conference on Wednesday that republicans would have “a path to even more free”. “We will have what to negotiate, said the president. This could give rise to a very beautiful situation bi-partisan. We have many things in common, on the infrastructure, health insurance. There are a lot of things we could do together.”

“Tomorrow will be a new day in America”, was proclaimed in the evening Nancy Pelosi. At 78 years old, she was re-elected in California, in the House of representatives. And add that a “national democratic Convention will work towards solutions that bring us together, because we all have enough of divisions”. That which could become for the second time speaker of the House, has promised to restore the “anti-constitutional powers”.

America has “enough of the divisions” (Nancy Pelosi) – Watch on Figaro Live

● Stadium and races of dogs: several local referenda organized

155 local referenda were held Tuesday at the same time as the mid-term elections. Michigan, for example, has legalized the recreational use of cannabis, when the voters of Miami have passed a bill designed to prohibit the bets and the races of dogs, by 2020. David Beckham has won his bet and got a “yes” to the construction of a new football stadium in Miami.