From our correspondent in Washington

Whatever the verdict of the ballot boxes this Wednesday, Donald Trump took his precautions. He encouraged his supporters to “vote for [him] in 2018,” while keeping his distances with a possible setback. Would take a share of responsibility? “No,” he warned in mid-October, discarding them in advance on the leaders of the majority, Paul Ryan in the House and Mitch McConnell in the Senate: “These are their elections. If they ruin everything, this is not my fault.”

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He already has his re-election in the line of sight. Its candidate for the presidential election of 2020 seems self-evident: “I fully intend to represent me, he confirmed in July the british journalist Piers Morgan. It seems that this is what everyone wants.” Donald Trump often recall “the eight years” that he hopes to move to the White House. In February, he has named his …

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