special Envoy to Athens and Atlanta (Georgia)

When the supporters of Stacey Abrams bragging about his career, his degree from the Yale law school and his ten years elected to the Parliament of the State, they fail a slope crucial to his biography. The candidate for the position of governor of Georgia is also a writer, under the pen name of Selena Montgomery, author of eight novels, “sentimental thriller”. The first, in 2001, had spontaneously distinguished from Donald Trump: it is titled The Art of desire .

With a pen name that echoes the works of Martin Luther King for civil rights from Selma to Montgomery in 1965, Stacey Abrams, 44, has undertaken to bring the social and political empowerment of African-Americans a step further. If she wins her bet on 6 November (or December 4, in the case of a second round), she will become the first black woman to lead a u.s. State, which is in the South marked by slavery and segregation, to the heart …

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