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The young Americans fall gleefully on the electoral lists, but vote? The question on everyone’s lips, a wave of young, more than a “blue” democrat or a “red” republican, has already found his answer. Regardless of the outcome of these midterms, the cru 2018 will go down in history as the most frequented of these elections, parliamentary, usually shunned by two-thirds of the electoral body.

on Friday, 2 November, 33 million eligible voters had already voted early, more than the total number of votes recorded in 2014! And among them, the generation of 18-35 year-olds, criticized for her absenteeism (nearly 80 % in 2014) although it represents 40 % of the american population, seems to pay a quarter of the total. This is the case of Texas, the third State is the most densely populated of the country, where 5.8 million ballots have already been recorded, 1.1 million more than the count total it did four years ago. …

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