special envoy to Allentown

It is in a house with a roof of red brick, a little in withdrawal, that Hannah Alarcon, a student of first year in political science, has given us an appointment. Planted in an allée of Cedar Crest College, Allentown, the home looks like all the other buildings in this lovely wooded campus that is home to an institution for young girls since 1867. But it is in fact the”secure area” of the college, the safe space where students come to “protect” the “trespasses” potential than their peers could inflict with their prejudices “unaware” of race and gender, ” explains Hannah.

For a few years, the student organizations for the protection of minorities, developing a theory of victimization radical and systematic, have sought to spread the concept of”safe space”. Some professors, including the university of Chicago, have sought timidly to warn against this tendency to the …

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