Donald Trump has made the “Trump”, when he commented on the results of the mid-term elections Tuesday evening, after a dinner of burgers. “A huge success!”, a-t-launched it.

a Follower of the theory positivist pastor Norman Vincent Peale, the president of the United States does not recognize never the defeat, and magnifies his success. But make no mistake: if Congress is now divided, to the image of the country, and opponents of the president revenues to orders in the House, in the starting blocks to operate force investigations and procedures designed to entangle such a Gulliver, Donald Trump still has reasons to be satisfied. By limiting ample “case” that strikes traditionally the presidents of two years after the election, he just has to prove that he remains a formidable political force and a machine of war electoral powerful is already in the order of battle for the presidential election of 2020: the coalition of trumpistes.

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