With 42.000 candidate to an elective mandate, the mid-term elections this November 6, promise to make this cru 2018 a true “year of women”, a label that until now was reserved in the election of 1992, when five women were entered on a shot at the Senate. There is nothing that the House of representatives, this year, they are two cents into the ring, republican and democrats combined, which promise to shake up the order male established on the Capitoline hill.

The democrats get the lion’s share, largely because of the disaffection of voters in the residential suburbs are white and wealthy, where most of the middle class. The nickname of “soccer moms” (mothers who accompany their children on the sports fields), is simplistic to describe these women who were awakened to politics, particularly as was growing disappointment with the president, Donald Trump. While this one had a delay of twelve points in 2016 among …

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