Military Israel defense forces stopped the convoy of Prime Minister of Palestine

Military of the defense Army of Israel was not allowed to get in the Jordan valley a convoy of vehicles, which were the Prime Minister of Palestine, Mohammed Stye and Ministers of his government. This was reported by the newspaper Al-Quds.

As noted, the column with Stye went to the village of Fazail, where they planned a session of the government of Palestine to discuss counter the plans of Israel regarding the annexation of the Jordan valley. But Israeli soldiers blocked the road column. As a result, Stay got out of the car and went to the village on foot, followed by other Ministers. The meeting was held, according to RIA Novosti.

In late may, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the date of annexation of the territories of the West Bank of the Jordan river under the “deal of the century”. He said the spreading of the sovereignty of Israel in the Jewish settlements of the West Bank of the Jordan river will take place on 1 July. Later, the Minister of water resources and of higher education of Israel Zeev Elkin said in an interview with local journalists that the date of annexation may be moved for several days or even weeks.

Israeli Authorities have begun to take concrete steps towards annexation. Thus, the replacement of the Prime Minister benny Gantz has ordered to speed up the training of the army in connection with the spread of Israeli sovereignty on parts of the West Bank of the Jordan river.