Claudia Roth visits the Republic of Moldova. Many war refugees from neighboring Ukraine have found refuge there. The Minister of State for Culture expresses her thanks.

Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth emphasized the role of the Republic of Moldova in helping Ukrainian refugees. This support will not be forgotten, said Roth in the capital Chisinau.

There the Greens politician opened an exhibition on 30 years of German-Moldovan relations. The neighboring country of Ukraine, with around three million inhabitants, has taken in around half a million refugees temporarily or permanently since the start of the Russian war of aggression.

“The help will not be forgotten,” emphasized Roth. Germany will continue to support the Republic of Moldova in social, economic and cultural development. In Chisinau, Roth met her Moldovan counterpart, Sergiu Prodan. Both have a cultural past in common. While Roth used to work in theaters and as the manager of the rock band Ton, Steine, Scherben, Prodan worked as a director. His film “The Bed of Procrustes” ran in the 2001 program of the Berlinale Film Festival.

Previously, Roth was the first cabinet member since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression to spend two days in the strategically important Ukrainian city of Odessa. The focus was on the effects of the war on the cultural metropolis.