“Who is calling on the government to develop an Agenda for the future of the automobile, must first show himself what he can do,” said Scheuer in the Berlin during the budget debate in the Bundestag. “Who talks of the challenges of the future, but not the products of the future quickly in the shops, is in danger of losing the title of world champion in car construction.” Also the environment Minister Svenja Schulze warned that climate change was a “huge opportunity” and make the German organization “fit for the market of the future”.

Scheuer: the Federal government wants for billion-promotion of results

Scheuer see took his comments regarding Statements made by VW group boss Herbert Diess. This was required in the “Bild am Sonntag” of the Federal policy has a positive attitude towards the car industry. “Unfortunately, imagine is currently, apparently, hardly anyone in the German party landscape, a positive prospect for the car,” said Diess. It is a “real Agenda Auto is missing in Germany.”

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The Minister of transport pointed out that the Federal government promotes the research and development of clean propulsion technologies, with billion: “You would think that you can make this money a lot. Example: great cars that delight the consumer. Or commercial vehicles, to produce, to convince our logistics industry. Or buses, capable of use in the public transport fast.“ Previously, such vehicles were to little of German manufacturers.

“, Not only high-gloss models for car shows”

Therefore, don’t be his “urgent appeal” to the manufacturer: “It’s about to car shows again and again polished to a high gloss car Model under a cloth to conjure up” – but to bring the products on the road, and to inspire the buyer not only from the Design but also the practicality and the price.” Scheuer fears that the German manufacturer in the Diesel-Chaos falling back on alternative drive systems, especially battery-electric cars and electric fuel cell vehicles. “Since Mercedes builds a GLC Fuel Cell in small series. What good is that to me?” so shy a few weeks ago at a discussion event organized by the automobile clubs “Mobil in Deutschland” .