Mishustin about payments to physicians: reasons for delay no

Reason for delays in payments to physicians for working with patients with coronavirus there. This was stated by Mikhail Mishustin at the government meeting. The broadcast led TV channel “Russia 24”. He stressed that payments are made by the very fact of working with coronavirus patients, but not from the calculation of days and hours.

“the Main requirement is that all assessments should as soon as possible to reach specific people. All the necessary adjustments and clarification on the presidential benefits have already been transferred to the regions”, — said the head of government.

the money for the APR should be paid in full, and in some regions, according to mishustina, has already begun payments for may. He also stressed that the Ministry of health and the Federal Treasury have to hold the situation with payments to physicians under tight control.

he Also asked in conjunction with the Ministry of communications test and promptly fulfill all requests that come in on this topic on the portal of public services, and to report on the current situation on a daily basis.

last week, the situation with payments to doctors criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Divorced bureaucratic rigmarole, — sharply said. — I instructed a watch to count or what?”.

This happened after some doctors, nurses and paramedics, instead of the promised payments received paltry sum. So, in Vladimir paramedic instead of 25 thousand rubles for the work with coronavirus patients received 761 ruble.