Mishustin: the government will allocate a further 23 billion rubles for small business

the Russian Government has increased the amount of subsidies for small and medium businesses from 81.2 billion to 104,4 billion rubles, said the head of the government Mikhail Mishustin at the working meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers.

the Government continues to support small and medium businesses of the most affected industries, who have kept not less than 90% of workers. “Subsidies for them, we already sent from the reserve Fund of the government of more than 81 billion rubles. Today select more than 23 billion rubles. The corresponding government decree was signed,” — said Mishustin.

Earlier, the government in may issued from the reserve Fund of approximately of 81.2 billion rubles in subsidies to small and medium businesses. The increase in support caused by the expansion of the list of affected industries. The number of potential grantees has grown to 1 million 730 thousand organizations and individual entrepreneurs, and the number of employees focused care increased to 5 million.

“government Support will help to maintain employment and stable operation of such organizations. And of course, to help them through this difficult period,” — said Mishustin.

in addition, Mishustin separate resolution extended for small and medium businesses of the most affected sectors, the deadline to submit applications for grants in April 2020: “you are now going to declare this as and for may, until 1 July”.

This decision allows to provide assistance to those companies who have a right to such support after the expansion of the list of the most affected industries.

payments in the amount of 1 minimum wage per employee — 12,13 thousand rubles – get enterprises small and medium business while maintaining they have the number of jobs is not less than 90% of the level in March.

all in All, as noted in the Ministry of economic development subsidies in Russia can claim 1.3 million organizations and SP. In total, the government allocated to subsidies for the enterprises of small and average business more than 81 billion rubles, the Applications for grants shall FTS.

Help businesses and banks. Russian banks by may 11, restructured approximately 11% of the portfolio of loans to all enterprises of small and medium business, said earlier the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina.

the Total cost of anti-crisis measures exceeded 3.3 trillion roubles, 2.5 million jobs had been maintained within the anti-crisis package.