“You are Germany’s next top model”: The 18-year-old Austrian Lou-Anne was happy about these words. A family member of hers came third.

An Austrian is “Germany’s Next Top Model” 2022: 18-year-old Lou-Anne from Klosterneuburg near Vienna prevailed on Thursday evening in Cologne against four other finalists from Heidi Klum’s casting show.

Second place went to Luca from Munich, third place went to Lou-Anne’s mother and “Best-Ager-Model” Martina. Beyond the winner’s podium were Noella from Berlin (fourth place) and Anita from Neustadt an der Donau (fifth place). For the first time since the beginning of the corona pandemic, the families and friends of the candidates were able to cheer on the decision live in the studio – however, masks were compulsory in the audience.

“I can’t believe it,” said winner Lou-Anne after the decision. You still have the feeling that you are in a rehearsal and that the actual finale is still ahead of you. In the last show of the season, she had to do several walks and a photo shoot with her competitors. One finalist was eliminated in each round. Co-finalist Martina spoke proudly about her “mother’s heart”. She is very proud of her daughter. “I got everything I wanted.”

Special focus on «Diversity» this year

The ProSieben show started its 17th season this year with a special focus on “diversity”. After Alex Mariah Peter, a transgender model, won for the first time in 2021, this time the field of candidates was broader than ever. Models of different heights, figures and age groups were among Klum’s top 20. With the 50-year-old Martina, an older model made it into the final for the first time. At the same time, in the days before the finale, the annual criticism of the show was loud again: several former candidates and the Youtuber Rezo criticized the show concept and the production conditions on social media.