The nakedness, the nudity, the reality of the street life and the honesty of a portrait – if it is to unite these aspects, he comes as called. Arkadiy Kurta is a specialist for Nude photography, images of nature and Portraits of people. Naturally his photos of the Everyday and to create real images of life.

“photography is Grown up, our daily companion”

in the Ukraine Kurta realized quickly that photography is an integral part of our lives. Whether on the screens of our monitors, the well-kept pages, the photo albums or the Display of the phone. A single image is to our whole life reflect – reflect but only a Few of the actual Abundance of moments. So it made the photographer in 2009, the task is to give each image a slice of life, and to use the body as a canvas of emotions.

psychologist and friend to the same

Sometimes it is like a small journey into another world, if you look at the pictures of Kurta. So Nude photography, street life and Portraits of the familiar, too – in his work you will find a special tranquility. The photographer always strives for something more Important. He wants to show the people in a new perspective. To achieve this, he believes in the resurrection of its protagonist in front of the camera. Particularly important is the relationship between the photographer and the Model to him Because of his work, he acts to the same Parts as a psychologist and a friend.

truth is deception

The reality of life on the outside: to photograph his models Kurta is preferably in a land of mountains, sheep, or forests. Here the man of nature is the next. But for him, a good photo must have nothing to do with truth: His works to manipulate the viewer with gentle deception.

For the professional is to Learn the photography process from beginning to end, an endless. In addition to magazine and Online publications, Arkadiy Kurta in various photo has participated in competitions successfully. He regularly exhibits in their own, very personal exhibitions of his works. To give this Knowledge he has to give it also to the task Workshops and photo tours for aspiring photographers.

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