Money not needed: first monthly auction repo from the Central Bank fails

the First auction month repo from the Central Bank failed. Banks have not been willing to take the money. Apparently, market participants are waiting for when the controller will start the auctions for the long-term provision of liquidity through repo operations – annual auctions will begin next month.

Bank offered funds in the amount of 500 billion rubles in securities, however, the auction is declared invalid due to lack of applications – this phrase appears on the website of the regulator.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina said that the operations designed to help banks in this difficult period and allow more flexibility to manage liquidity.

Lack of demand may mean that while the bankers do not experience serious problems.

However, it is possible, they are interested in so-called long money. As mentioned above, the operation of the annual repo, the Central Bank will conduct the second half of June.

Experts believe that the demand for these tools will be. It is expected that credit institutions will lay OFZ to them under the financing again to buy bonds of the Ministry of Finance, being able to lay them.

Monthly operations not suitable – period of operations is too short.