Mordashov spoke out against the modernization of Zainsk GRES in Tatarstan

Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Power machines” Alexey Mordashov asked the government to suspend the decision on the modernization of the Zainsky state district power station “Tatenergo”. About this he wrote on 27 December 2019 Dmitry Kozak, who is now acting Vice-Premier. In December, the government Commission on electricity took about 2.8 GW to upgrade to 2025, including upgrading a single block of zainskaya GRES 850 MW turbine from German Siemens SGT5-9000HL to 593 MW. Mordashov asked to decide whether to use the non-localized projects of modernization of gas turbines and boiler equipment. “Vedomosti” examined a copy of the letter, its authenticity was confirmed by two people, including Federal officials.

the Commission has selected the projects at the lower end price of electricity throughout the life cycle of the plant and modernization of Zainsk GRES qualified, said the first Deputy General Director of “Tatenergo” Airat Sabyrzhanov: “In this project, we propose to use the most modern and efficient gas turbine in the world. So he was competitive even in comparison with projects involving partial replacement of the steam turbine or the boiler.”

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