Exercise in everyday life is often underestimated. Anyone who spends all day at a desk should try to collect 10,000 steps a day. Read here how you can do this with ease. All you need is a glass of water.

The famous 10,000 steps haven’t appeared on your fitness watch for a long time and you find yourself sitting more than walking? In everyday life, it’s not that easy to keep moving. A small but effective trick can help.

Even though we now know that 10,000 steps a day originally came from an advertisement, the guideline is still a good step goal to aim for. Because regular exercise is good for your health and prevents illness.

Your body is designed to move in everyday life. If he doesn’t do this, he will gradually lose muscle. Obesity and type 2 diabetes can also be the consequences of a lack of exercise.

According to the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention (DGSP), such diseases can be prevented with physical activity. The experts’ opinion is “10,000 steps daily and 150 minutes of physical activity per week.”

But it doesn’t have to be an hour-long workout. Walking and moving through everyday life helps to keep the body going and with the glass and water rule you can even do it casually.

The rule is a real two-in-one trick. Instead of a water bottle, take a regular water glass to your desk. Once you’ve finished drinking it, go to the kitchen and refill it there. This way you can stay active at work and drink enough at the same time. The trick works in the home office and in the office.

The trick to getting enough exercise in everyday life is to really take every step with you. In addition to the classic tips like climbing stairs and cycling to work, you should definitely try these:

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